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2F Nozaki Bldg., 5-12-6 Shinjuku, Shinjukuku, Tokyo


  • 13 min walk from JR "Shinjyuku" Sta.
  • 5 min walk from Metro (Shinjuku-line, Marunouchi-line, Fukutoshin-line) "Shinjuku Sanchome" Sta.



Founded in 1959, Asaca Architects has survived several economic and social crises for over 50 years.

We have been doing our business under the policy that we contribute to the development of the society by proposing architecture balancing artistic and functional designs.

I named the firm Asaca from Sanskrit words "asa" and "ca", meaning "young" and "sun" respectively. As this name implies, we do business with young brilliant creative and innovative mind.

What made us over 50 years lasting firm are the warm supports from our customers, seniors and friends. Here, I express my special thanks to numbers of customers who have given us business chances repeatedly, and to our seniors and friends who have been always supportive.

I truly hope that Asaca staff, who have shared all the good and hard time, together with the staff of cooperative firms, make progress in future.

Thanks to the digital technologies our business has been rationalized, and the communication environment has been very much improved. That enables us to do business precisely and promptly with uniform quality.

What I think the most important in our business is sensibility to give the optimal balance to the architecture by synthesizing traditional and innovative technologies. Such sensibility can be matured through conversation by exchanging ideas. As architects, we are responsible to understand and succeed the arts and technologies used in traditional architectures, such as functions, styles, and expression by the combination materials. At the same time we should respect the beauty of the nature.

Though I am in retirement from the practical business, I hope that Asaca Architects as reliable organization keeps the original policy and contributes to the society by offering good architecture.

  • Asaca Architects
  • Chairman of Board of Directors
  • Yamazato, Hisao


In the over 50 years of business of Asaca Architects, we have earned the trusts from numbers of customers and fruitful results. We are to succeed these and develop our business still more toward the future.

Hisao Yamazato, the founder, gave the name Asaca meaning "young sun". The starting idea of Asaca Architects is to contribute to the society through Architecture with well considered high-quality design.

We keep it in mind and try to seek optimal solutions to the requirements from the society with our self-possessed inquiring mind, creativity and eagerness.

Asaca's Features

  • We take close notice of new technologies, thinking their possible practical application to the architecture.
  • Regardless the size of space, we do creative business. We propose city planning, or reformation of housing, to a detailed design of a small sized room. We do on-the-site- investigation, inspection, planning, and drafting.
  • Having a great deal of experience in planning gas-stations, we are confident in designing newer energy-supply-facilities.
  • We reform existing buildings. Keeping the framework of an existing building, we remodel it multi-functional with durability against earthquakes, desired other functions, and facilities.

In any circumstances, we are eager to show our creativity for making the society better.

  • Asaca Architects
  • Representative Director
  • Shibuya, Seiichi

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